10 Facts You Should “Gobble” Up for Thanksgiving

By November 22, 2016 Holidays

Before you sit down for your annual family gathering, here are some fun facts about our favorite holiday dish.

We all love Thanksgiving. It’s a time when family and friends gather; where relatives come from faraway places to spend time with those they love. And whether you’re celebrating the holiday in the snows of Vermont or on the beaches of Waikiki, there’s always one important question that’s asked: Who wants the drumstick? If you’ve ever had additional questions about turkey (and which of us hasn’t) here’s some information you can pass around, along with the platters:

  1.  About 280 million turkeys are sold for Thanksgiving in the US
  2.  The heaviest turkey ever weighed was 86 lbs.
  3.  It takes 75-80 lbs. of feed to raise a 30-lb. turkey.
  4.  The average American eats between 16-18 lbs. of turkey each year (but some of us know at least one relative that seems to eat that much just at Thanksgiving).
  5.  Turkey has more protein than chicken or beef.
  6.  A spooked turkey can run at speeds of up to 20 mph; obviously, not fast enough
  7.  Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey the national bird.
  8.  A mature turkey will have 3,000-3,500 feathers.
  9. The first TV dinner came to be in 1953 because the Swanson Company had 260 tons of frozen turkey remaining after Thanksgiving. Talk about your leftovers!
  10. And even though we’re talking turkey, we can’t forget that staple…the green bean casserole. Created by Campbell’s Soup as a recipe for its annual cookbook in 1955, this may be the only way to get kids to eat two things they ordinarily wouldn’t: green vegetables and Cream of Mushroom Soup.

From all of us to you and your families….Happy Thanksgiving!

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