2 Steps to Strengthening Your PM Inspections

By October 25, 2016 Maintenance

Making sure your technicians are performing their PM inspections properly is absolutely essential to avoid problems later on.

Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease has covered PM inspections quite a bit in her IdeaXchange blogs on FleetOwner.com. In her blog “Check It Out,” Jane discusses the need for independent verification when it comes to PM inspections.

There’s a checklist that technicians need to follow when conducting their PM inspections and the basic concerns regarding tires, brakes, and fluid levels are on those lists. But Jane suggests two additional steps fleet managers should take to ensure their vehicles are in the best possible condition inspection to inspection.

  1. Find the reasons for PM service – Track the number of breakdowns a vehicle or vehicles may be experiencing between PM inspections and identify why service was required. If you detect a pattern like tire or brake issues, you may need to have some additional training for your techs.
  2. Insist on independent verification – Once a PM inspection or service is completed, have another technician do a spot check on areas that have had issues in the past like the brake and tire issues mentioned above.
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