4 Factors to Help Decide Whether to Outsource Fleet Maintenance and Repair

By September 22, 2016 November 11th, 2016 Maintenance

Making the decision of whether to handle your maintenance in-house or go with a third party depends on some very specific factors.

Earlier this year, Jane Clark, Vice President Member Services for NationaLease, posted a blog on FleetOwner’s IdeaXchange column dealing with an issue that most fleet owners face: should they handle all maintenance and repairs in-house, outsource all of it, or keep one and outsource the other.

Jane makes it clear in her blog that there’s no right or wrong, but that there are four specific things to consider before you make a decision:

  1. Bay Space – Do you have physical capacity to handle the work necessary in your facility whenever it’s needed?
  2. Technicians – Do you have enough technicians on staff to handle all the work and, just as important, do they have the skills necessary to resolve any maintenance and/or repair issues that might arise?
  3. Tools and Equipment – Diagnostic and scan tools needed for today’s vehicles are quite expensive and the ones needed vary by vehicle manufacturer. Is it worth the considerable investment?
  4. Expertise – Whether or not you have enough technicians, you’ll also need to have someone on staff who can effectively manage the maintenance and repair function.

Jane suggests that, when making your decision, include indirect and overhead costs into the equation.

Read Jane’s blog for full details.

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