4 Game-changing Technologies to Help Optimize Fleet Operations

By June 9, 2015 July 7th, 2015 Fuel Savings, Technology

Technology is affecting every aspect of the trucking industry; carriers that know how to use technology to optimize their fleet operations will be ahead of the pack.

Fleets have been using the latest fuel-efficient technologies to get better mileage out of their trucks; but the ELD mandate and other potential regulations make it clear that the “tech effect” is about a lot more than just reducing fuel costs…it’s about improving overall carrier operations.

In April of this year, ALK’s Transportation Technology Summit took place in Princeton, NJ, giving trucking fleet representatives a chance to see and hear about the latest advances in truck technology, and attendees weren’t disappointed. An article on truckinginfo.com details four presentations from the Summit that show how these new technologies can really make a difference in fleet performance

In-Cab Navigation – Finding the best route to the final destination; a route that saves both time and fuel costs is essential to a fleet’s profitability. There are a number of navigation tools available on the market with a range of capabilities. Fleet managers need to evaluate the benefits of each before making a decision.

Trailer Tracking – Keeping trailers moving is also essential to showing a positive bottom line. Knowing where every trailer is at any given time allows carriers to limit detention by being able to turn those trailers around quickly after they’ve been unloaded.

In-Cab Video – We’re not talking about home movies or catching up on your DVR. The technology discussed here was about in-cab videos that will show a driver’s actions or reactions once a collision avoidance system (lane assist, adaptive cruise control, etc.) is triggered. This will help companies educate their drivers and reduce their risk score. It could also become a factor in the company’s training procedures.

Improved Driver Hiring – One of the major concerns in our industry is finding qualified drivers and keeping them, so anything that can contribute to the success of these goals is welcome, especially at a time when the demographics have changed drastically. Younger applicants need a different type of training video and program than did past drivers. The new software solutions utilize a wide range of data to come up with the best hiring and training options. The article cites one company executive who indicated that the software “has helped improve graduation rates… The company’s current turnover is 61.7%, down from the mid-70s range.”

Technology is always moving forward; so many of the providers and their customers that attended the Summit are looking for new ways to utilize the technology to improve performance overall.

Read the full article for more details on the providers and customers of these game-changing technologies.

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