Control Maintenance Expenses with the Right Mix of Old and New Units

By March 3, 2015 June 15th, 2015 Fleet Management

Check out this recent blog article in Monitor Daily which details the optimal approach to a fleet replacement strategy.

When a disproportionate number of new units enter a fleet over a very short period of time, it can throw off the balance of older models and new (average fleet age), leading to inconsistent and potentially elevated maintenance expenses down the road. Patrick Gaskins, Group Vice President of Financial Services with AmeriQuest Transportation Services, highly recommends that fleets adopt an asset replacement strategy that assures that the average age of equipment remains fairly consistent. Benefits of even fleet aging include.

  • Predictable resale value
  • More effective budgeting
  • Improved fuel economy

Read the full article and learn more about even fleet aging. This blog first appeared on the AmeriQuest blog Website.

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