Counterfeit Aftermarket Parts: How to Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

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Fake automotive aftermarket parts aren’t acceptable for anyone.

Back in January, we posted a piece by Jane Clark, Vice President Member Services, for NationaLease. Titled, “If It Seems Too Good to Be True, It Might Be Counterfeit,” the blog dealt with the serious consequences that result from using counterfeit parts.

Although we haven’t found any new statistics, so many readers responded to this story, we thought it was worth a re-read. Just a few details to think about:

  • Based on Federal Trade Commission reports, counterfeiting represents a $12 billion per year problem for the entire automotive industry.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimates that the total number of counterfeit goods had increased 325% over the past decade.
  • The cost to the job market in the automotive aftermarket industry alone, due to counterfeiting, is 220,000 fewer manufacturing jobs

And here’s a quick little factoid that you may not be aware of: back in February, luxury carmaker, Aston Marton, recalled 75% of cars made since 2007 due to a Chinese counterfeit part. This makes it pretty clear that no one is immune from the plague of counterfeit parts.

Read the full article.

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