Diesel Diaries: a Video Series – Part 7

By May 5, 2014 June 22nd, 2015 NationaLease, Recruiting, Technicians

Diesel technician Dave gets down to work as he shows what’s involved when working on a Freightliner Evolution, a new truck that uses the latest technology to get more efficiency, as well as greater safety and comfort. As Dave says, these trucks are made to “cut through the air.’ In other words, they are designed for optimal airflow efficiency. Dave then takes us for a drive in this 10-speed transmission vehicle which is so quiet, you can barely hear the engine, something Dave said would have been impossible five to ten years ago. So climb aboard.

This 10-part video series, produced by Truck Center Companies in the Midwest, details the vital role that diesel technicians play in the trucking industry.


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