Don’t Try to Cut Corners When It Comes to Maintenance

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You may think small delays in maintenance times and procedures aren’t that meaningful, but they are…and they can be very costly.
Mistakes of omission are often as costly as mistakes of commission. That holds true when it comes to fleet maintenance. A recent article details the common maintenance mistakes that cost fleet operators big, in both money and downtime.

  • Too much time between maintenance intervals – Fleet managers may feel building in a little extra time between maintenance performance gives them more time to run their equipment; however, when damage does result, the repairs end up costing more money. Instead, make sure you set standard intervals for maintenance.
  • Not capturing important data – So much data is available today, both from inspections and data generated by the truck’s technology; but that data is meaningless if it is not acted upon. That data from CSA inspections will tell you what each truck will need done in its next PM. Another important factor is being able to interpret the data; managers and drivers need to be able to know which fault codes need immediate attention and which can wait for normal maintenance.
  • Drivers are left out of the process – Yes, your technicians know what needs to be done, based on data and normal maintenance procedures. But drivers who spend days on a truck know if something doesn’t seem right on that vehicle.
  • Trucks are not looked at as assets – The job of the truck is to move goods from one location to another; but these trucks are not just another piece of equipment. They are the heart of your company, the assets that actually make your company money. And they are your best advertisement as well, so be sure they look good and are well maintained. If you value your assets, your customers will then feel confident that you will value their business as well.
  • Maintenance is considered a burden – Companies that look at PM as necessary because it’s mandated by law are not doing their fleet or their customers any favors. Maintenance is the best way for companies to assess each vehicle in their fleet and fix any outstanding issues.
  • Not enough focus on the DPF – According to the article, although “there are many specific components that should be part of a good maintenance program, such as brakes, filters, and tires, none is more important than the diesel particulate filter. And problems that occur here are often signaled by other problems, such as an oil or fluid leak.”

The best way to think about maintenance is to think about yourself and your own health. You go to the dentist or doctor for regular checkups to deal with any problems, seen or unseen, not because someone forces you to go. If a problem is found, then you can deal with it before it becomes a riskier, more expensive, problem. You do this to maintain good health. In the same way, preventive maintenance is your truck’s regular checkup.

For more information, read the full article.

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