Eating Healthy at Thanksgiving? Not if You’re the Average American!

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If you are what you eat, then at Thanksgiving, I’m a glutton!

We all know that holidays, especially family holidays that center on eating, are times where we forget our diets and loosen our pants. But until I read this article from Time magazine, I actually was able to avoid too much indigestion. Not anymore!

Last Thanksgiving, the magazine estimated that the calorie count for the average Thanksgiving Day was approximately 4,500 calories! That’s the equivalent of seven Whoppers! At one sitting! And I doubt that estimate has changed drastically in one year. So what else does our Thanksgiving Day menu equal? According to Time, that would be:

  • 9 large McDonald’s fries
  • 5 XXL Grilled Stuft Beef Burritos from Taco Bell
  • 4 carnitas burritos from Chipotle
  • 2 medium pepperoni pizzas from Pizza Hut (that’s two whole pies!)
  • 16 snack boxes of Long John Silvers’ popcorn shrimp
  • 37 KFC chicken drumsticks
  • 4 medium cookie dough blizzards from Dairy Queen
  • 48 traditional chicken wings with Honey BBQ sauce from Buffalo Wild WIngs
  • And the list goes on….

Now to be fair, this may well span the time from the first kickoff to the final touchdown, but it’s still a lot. And some people dispute whether 4,500 is really a true estimate. But no one can dispute that we tend to overindulge at this holiday, more than any other.

Have that piece of pumpkin pie…but maybe say no thanks to the second helping. Take a taste of everything that’s offered, but don’t gorge yourself. Moderation in everything is still a healthy and tasty way to approach the holiday.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Bridget Bradshaw

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