Get Ready for the Warmup with 6 Fleet Spring Maintenance Tips

By April 21, 2016 Road Rescue

It’s been a strange winter, with a roller coaster ride of warm to cold weather and back again. Make sure your fleet is set for spring.

When weather is as unpredictable as it has been this year, it’s more important than ever for fleets to prepare for what will hopefully be a more predictable spring. Some areas of the country experienced a milder than normal winter, but other areas were inundated with snow, hail, ice, and floods. And those conditions, along with the salt and brine used on the roads may have already caused damage to some of your vehicles. You don’t want to find out that damage has occurred after you’ve suffered a breakdown. So in preparation for the warmer weather, we here at NationaLease Road Rescue recommend that you perform the following spring maintenance on your trucks and trailers:

  1. Inspect coolant system and test coolant.
  2. Check Tire PSI to ensure a proper level, so the tire is fully able to dissipate heat. Continue to check out the Tire PSI routinely through the summer months to reduce wear and failures due to heat.
  3. Replace worn wiper blades and top off windshield washer fluid.
  4. Check HVAC cabin filers to reduce restriction on A/C system.
  5. Clean 5th of wheel of winter grime and chemicals and lubricate.
  6. As summer approaches, service DPF systems at regular intervals to prevent premature shutdown.

Don’t forget, as the weather heats up, so does the pressure on your business to get your product to its destination, on time and on budget.

It’s time to be proactive when it comes to fleet maintenance. Don’t wait for a breakdown; contact Road Rescue now.

Scott Marzec

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