Heavy Duty Used Trucks Are Costing More …Except When They’re Not

Assessing prices in the used trucks market can be very confusing. It all depends on where and when you make your purchase.

A Fleet Owner article in August of this year was titled, “Used trucks costing fleets more” and reported that prices for both medium- and heavy-duty trucks had increased over Q3 of 2013. Just a scant two months later, the headline changed to “Used-truck prices fell in Q3, except for heavy-duty at auction.”

When you dig deeper into the articles, it’s even more confusing, since the prices on heavy-duty trucks were actually off by more than 6.3% in the private market but up by 26% at auction. In reality, prices fell across the board. According to Jessica Carr, Truck Blue Book (TBB) associate analyst for commercial trucks, “Looking at heavy-duty trucks alone, there was a drop in both 2013 and 2014 models with increases in older years, such as 2004-2007. As a larger amount of older models enter the market and less of the new models are remaining for sale, the average prices are driven much more heavily on those older, lower-priced models.”

Pricing volatility is always a concern, so the more you know, the better your bottom line. Check out both links above before you make any decisions.

This blog first appeared on the AmeriQuest Blog Website.

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