If It’s Merry Christmas, Why Do So Many Commercials Make Me Want to Cry?

By December 22, 2016 Holidays

There’s something about the Christmas season that warms the heart of the Scroogiest and Grinchiest of us. I defy anyone to not tear up (even if ever so slightly) at the image of Tiny Tim’s crutch standing alone by the fireplace or feeling a lump in the throat when the next door neighbor welcomes his son home in “Home Alone.”

I note this because each year, television commercials aim for our emotions, going for the poignant and, very often, succeeding. I’m not talking about the obviously heartbreaking ads of ill children and lonely animals; I’m talking about commercials advertising products for companies large and small.

Who could ever imagine Frankenstein (played by actor Brad Garret) lighting up Christmas lights in his neck and singing “Home for the Holidays” in an Apple ad would make you choke up? And what is it about Clydesdale’s and snow that triggers a sniffle or two? Is it that these ads are so successful or is it that by the end of the year, we’re all looking for a catharsis to let out our frustrations, warm our hearts, and cry tears of joy?

And we’re far from alone. Our cousins “across the pond” love to show heartwarming holiday commercials, whether they’re produced in Great Britain or not. The ads they produce are sometimes complete, highly produced three-minute movies that hit on an emotional level.

This year, Business Insider has just published an article showing “The 10 Most Popular Christmas Ads on YouTube in 2016.” Other than ads #5 and #9, these ads really address the most important part of Christmas…people and families coming together.

Please watch these wonderful ads, and if you still feel all “Bah humbug” you may find yourself getting visits from three frightening characters this Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!

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