Why Missing Maintenance Schedules Is Really a Big Deal

By October 11, 2016 November 11th, 2016 Maintenance

If you miss even one scheduled PM service, you could be setting yourself up for big problems.

No one would dispute that keeping on top of maintenance for all of the vehicles in your fleet is important, but it’s necessary to acknowledge just how important it actually is. That’s the point of Jane Clark’s IdeaXchange blog, “At Your Own Risk.” Jane, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease, makes it clear that making sure you check out your trucks on a regular basis can ensure that you’ll be able to identify small problems that, unchecked, could result in major problems.

The biggest danger…an on-road breakdown which would result in excess costs, lost time, possible missed delivery date, and potential damage to the shipper/carrier relationship. Jane also notes that “missing a PM also increases the chance that a problem will be found during a CSA inspection.” That’s because once an inspector recognizes one problem, he or she may take a closer look, trying to find others.

Another problem comes from not following the manufacturer’s recommended PM schedules. Not doing so may essentially void the warranty and any repairs could fall entirely in your lap. Jane recommends implementing a system that automatically tracks PM schedules for each vehicle in your fleet and then follow through with the needed maintenance.

Read Jane’s full blog.

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