It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. So Let’s All Say, “Thank You”

By September 15, 2016 November 11th, 2016 NationaLease

The next time you buy food at the supermarket or go shopping at the mall or get treated at the doctor’s office, whisper a “thank you” to someone you don’t see there…the person who actually makes sure that the supermarket, the retailer, and the doctor have the products they need to serve you.

That’s why this week, September 11-17, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week really matters. We rarely consider those behind-the-scenes people that make our lives better. The fact is that nearly 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S. is transported by truck. And we depend on the drivers of those trucks to do their jobs with safety and efficiency in mind. And they do.

An article earlier this week on listed a number of events and celebrations by companies and organizations throughout the country to show appreciation for these most important people. And the American Trucking Associations encourages the trucking industry to ask their communities to take time this week “to inform the public of the important work that truck drivers do in safely moving our economy each day.”

This is true for all truck drivers, but for over-the-road drivers there’s also additional sacrifice, sacrifice that amounts to time away from family, missed baseball and soccer games for the kids, and so many other events that the rest of us take for granted. It can get lonely, even though there is a wonderful camaraderie among drivers when they meet and communicate while on the job. However, it doesn’t necessarily take the place of time that could be spent with loved ones.

For this willingness to sacrifice, for this dedication to safety, for this ongoing acceptance of responsibility to get products to their destination to the benefit of all of us, I say, “thank you.” But we shouldn’t just say that one week a year; we should say it every day of every week of every month. You make all of us in the industry proud.

Thank you!

Let us know what you’re doing to thank the drivers in your company and drivers in general.         

Dean Vicha

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