One Step Forward on Highway Funding…Maybe

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee introduces a bipartisan six-year highway bill. But will it pass?

We’ve spoken bluntly in the past about the sad state of disrepair we all experience on the nation’s highways and bridges. It’s bad for everyone, but an absolute disaster for those of us in the trucking industry, as well as those companies that depend on our industry to deliver their goods and services. Infrastructure funding is lagging far behind; so it’s definitely a positive move that the Senate Committee presented a six-year, $350 billion plan that includes $13.5 billion for a national freight program.

The only problem, the plan budgets $90 billion more than the Highway Trust Fund can support and a way forward needs to be found on how to cover the shortfall, not an easy task in divided Washington, D.C. If a solution is not found, or if Congress doesn’t pass another extension, federal funding will run out in a little over a month.

What has been happening over the last four years is a passage of one shortfall extension after another and that, according to Senator Tom Carper of Delaware, is like trying to drive across the country using only five gallons of gas at a time.

Read the full article in FleetOwner to see the highlights and the comments from business and political leaders.

David Beaudry

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David Beaudry is Director of Logistics Engineering and Consulting for NationaLease. He brings 25 years experience in surface transportation, logistics engineering, and consulting. His earlier career includes management posts with Ryder System Inc. and National Freight. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Connecticut State.

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