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By September 20, 2016 November 11th, 2016 Safety

FMCSA’s proposed Beyond Compliance BASIC program is a nice idea in theory; however, the reality is every vehicle out on the road should always be as safe as possible.

In her latest IdeaXchange blog in FleetOwner, Jane Clark, Vice President Member Services for NationaLease, discusses the proposed new safety category from the FMCSA acknowledging fleets that have safety programs that go beyond the government’s regulatory requirements.

While noble, Jane points out that no fleet should want a vehicle on the road that’s not entirely safe, and she gives some important tips regarding what fleet owners and managers should be doing.

  1. Regular inspections with 100% compliance – Seems obvious, and Jane offers ideas on how to use technology to make achieving this goal a lot easier
  2. Regular PM – The more you can do preventive maintenance on a regularly proscribed schedule, the more likely your vehicles will be in full compliance and in excellent shape. Here again, Jane suggests ways in which today’s technology can make this more efficient and ensure compliance.
  3. Driver training and incentives – Ongoing training should be part of your fleet’s SOP as well as incentivizing drivers to drive with safety always front of mind.

Read the full details on Jane’s blog.

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