Transition to Natural Gas Goes Smoother than Expected

By November 24, 2014 June 15th, 2015 NationaLease, Natural Gas

Three early adopters speak of their experiences at the Green Fleet Conference & Expo.

A recent article on, “Natural Gas’ Early Adopters See Few Hiccups During Startup,” related the experiences of three companies that had integrated natural gas trucks into previously diesel-only operations. The speakers were featured in a panel discussion held at the Green Fleet Conference & Expo in Schaumburg, IL, October 29-30.

The consensus of these speakers was that the transition went surprisingly well, considering that, in the beginning, they knew very little about natural gas. According to one of the speakers, Joe Shefchik, Vice President of Business Development at Paper Transport of Green Bay, WI, “It has worked better than most people led us to believe it would. We found fewer hurdles than expected.”

The initial impetus for making the move was the cost instability of diesel; with prices as low as they are now, that may be less of a trigger; however no one disputes that the transition will continue to move forward. The biggest hurdle will be infrastructure; having enough natural gas refueling stations to make the switch make sense for over-the-road companies.

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