Trucking’s Big Issues for 2015 – Part 3

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This is the final installment of our 3-part series on the 15 biggest trends impacting the trucking industry now…and in the future. listed its 15 top trends that will impact the trucking industry in 2015 and beyond. We finish up the list here with the final five:

Issue #11: Fleet Sustainability – Yes, diesel and other fuel are at its cheapest level in years, but nothing lasts forever. The price of fuel is due to rise up again at some point, so fleet managers are not being lulled into complacency by the pricing…after all, regardless of how low fuel costs are, they still add up to a carriers’ biggest cost. So companies are looking for fuel savings where they can. Fuel-efficient vehicles and equipment will continue to be attractive, as will the use of alternative fuels. In addition to the savings, many companies are making their transportation component adhere to corporate-wide sustainability goals and that will just increase going forward.

Issue #12: Supply Chain Transformation – In an increasingly customer-centric world, retailers and other companies are trying to put distribution centers closer to customers for same-day delivery, while others are doing what they can to optimize their supply chains more than ever. That may mean mixing the modes of delivery as the needs dictate. There’s also been a change in manufacturing with a number of companies moving their factories back to the U.S. Cheap energy and more automation makes this feasible.

Issue #13: HOS and ELD – This is the year that the electronic log rule takes effect, even though carriers will have two years to comply. Many companies are already using the ELDs and have realized benefits from the devices. A more divisive issue is the Hours of Service rule, specifically the 34-hour restart provision. The ATA has complained that this negatively impacts a carrier’s productivity and really doesn’t address the original intent…driver safety.

Issue #14: CSA Regulations – There have been so many issues regarding the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program that the FMCSA continues to look at how the program uses the data from crashes and roadside inspections. Trucking industry organizations and individuals have complained that the data is “neither consistent nor accurate.” Because of this, they say that the data should not be available to the public until everyone agrees on the accuracy. In addition, there are numerous concerns about crash accountability since FMCSA includes non-fault crashes when measuring safety. Carriers rightly feel that they should not be punished for someone else’s errors.

Issue #15: …and More Regulations – Here are just some of the regulatory issues on the agenda for 2015:

• Creation of a national clearinghouse for drug and alcohol test results
• Higher insurance minimums for carriers
• Written training requirements for entry-level drivers
• A rule that would relieve drivers from filing a truck inspection report if the truck has no defects

You can see that 2015 is going to be a busy year for the trucking industry. And since these are based on the things we know, this list may change as unexpected events and new technologies enter into the mix.

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