What’s Trending for Trucking in 2016?

By May 10, 2016 Trends

Back in January, I wrote a blog on the 6 trends that will be impacting transportation in 2016. A few months down the road, we’re looking at where we are now.

Right before the end of 2015, Heavy Duty Trucking published an article, “6 Trends to Track in 2016” that covered the biggest issues that would affect the trucking industry this year and into the future. Soon after, I posted a blog on that same article. Since we’re now in Q2, it seemed like an appropriate time to see what, if anything, has changed regarding the following trends:

  • The economy
  • Driver shortage
  • Safety regulations
  • Shop options
  • Data and analytics
  • Infrastructure

We’ve decided to ask some of our experts here at NationaLease how they think these top trends are actually impacting the industry. Over the next few weeks, we’ll post their opinions in this site, starting later this week with a blog on the economy by Dean Vicha, President of NationaLease.

Read my original blog.

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