When It Comes to Seasonal Surge, How Flexible is Your Dedicated Provider?

If your seasonal surge goes to brokers or 3PLs, you may be going to the wrong place.

We’ve all dealt with it; those times of the year where there’s a huge surge in orders and deliveries that need to be made…on time. But with all of the mandated changes coming for drivers and carriers in 2016 and beyond, when that surge hits, will you be ready? If you’re dealing with brokers or third-party logistic providers, you may find yourself suddenly paying a higher rate for less dependable service. Or maybe you’re working with a Dedicated Contract Services provider for a static amount of assets and drivers. Can that provider rent you a driver when your private fleet is down a driver or two? Does that provider give you rates for seasonal surge? As a result, is your seasonal surge putting your fleet budget over budget and leaving you with no one to deliver your product?

If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, you shouldn’t be. In today’s world, gratification is expected to be achieved faster than ever. Customers don’t want to hear that they can’t get what they want, when they want it. They don’t care about seasonal surges, but you have to. You need to be confident that the drivers and equipment needed to fulfill your delivery schedules will be there when you need them.

But fleet managers and owners can’t think just in terms of capacity and availability; they also have to consider costs. Surge rates that “surge” can cripple your transportation budget, running you way over your forecast. Instead, you need to find the right Dedicated Services provider, one that can not only provide the dedicated services, drivers, and equipment you need, but one that also publishes seasonal surge rates for equipment and/or drivers, giving you the information you need upfront to better predict your overall transportation costs and stay within your budget.

NationaLease has more than 35 qualified members that provide dedicated service nationwide, giving NationaLease the ability to offer contracted dedicated services to their customers. You don’t want to wait for the surge to hit…lock in the service, drivers, equipment, and rates today by contacting NationaLease Dedicated Services.

Victoria Kresge

About Victoria Kresge

Victoria Kresge is Vice President of Dedicated Services for NationaLease, and is responsible for growing the organization’s Dedicated Services business, both with new prospects and existing customers. Krege's experience includes serving as Director of Dedicated Sales for C. R. England and managing and growing the tri-state NY, NJ, and PA sales markets for Roadway Express.

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