Jane Clark On the Road – December 2014


Occasionally, someone will comment to me that my trips sound more like vacation than work.  Well, that’s how I feel, too! Getting to visit good friends all over the U.S. and Canada is more like vacation than work.  However, no … continue reading

Alternative Fuels: Separating Myth from Reality


We’ve all heard the warnings about alternative fuels, but what’s the real story? In the last decade, heavy truck emissions have been reduced some 95% – specifically diesel particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. As a reference point, it takes approximately … continue reading

These Senior Drivers Are Not Getting Older, They’re Just Getting Better


We’ve published a number of blogs about driver shortages over the past couple of years, including one this past summer. The harsh reality is that the current trucker population is aging…fast. According to Bob Costello, Chief Economist for the American … continue reading

Highlights of the 2014 NationaLease Sales Meeting

Sales Meeting

Sales Training and Updates on Regulatory Issues Help NationaLease Sales Executives Sharpen Their Skills The 2014 NationaLease Sales Meeting began on November 18 in Phoenix, AZ. Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease welcomed the large crowd and … continue reading

Transition to Natural Gas Goes Smoother than Expected


Three early adopters speak of their experiences at the Green Fleet Conference & Expo. A recent article on Truckinginfo.com, “Natural Gas’ Early Adopters See Few Hiccups During Startup,” related the experiences of three companies that had integrated natural gas trucks … continue reading

ELD Registration: The Next Step in the Mandate Process


The FMCSA is requesting comments for its Electronic Logging Device mandate; this one dealing with registering the devices. Regardless of how you feel about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule, it’s going to take … continue reading

Technology Playing a Bigger Role in Mid-Size Companies


A new Deloitte study finds that attitudes towards technology in the mid-market have evolved; it’s now viewed as a strategic investment rather than just a necessity. For the last decade or two, mid-market companies have viewed technology warily, acknowledging the … continue reading

How a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Can Give You a Competitive Edge


Size shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to buying power, so unless you’re a big enterprise, you should consider membership in a buying group as part of your supply chain strategy. You can add to the old ‘safety in … continue reading

Highlights of the 2014 Canadian Leadership Summit


Suppliers share the latest advancements in products and services at the 2014 Canadian Leadership Summit. The 2014 Canadian Leadership Summit took place in Winnipeg, MB on November 3-5. Grant Bradshaw of Transolutions Leasing and Rental, a NationaLease Member, this year’s … continue reading