What’s the Prescription for Long-Haul Driver Health?


When drivers themselves self-report extremely troubling stats, the industry needs to stand up and take notice. A new study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health indicates that long-haul drivers still are significantly at risk for specific health … continue reading

New GHG/MPG Rules: Waiting for Phase II


The National Research Council makes its recommendations for Phase II regulations on fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions. Last month, Transport Topics reported on Phase II of the GHG/MPG rules, indicating that this phase would include an examination of a range … continue reading

Diesel Diaries: a Video Series – Part 4


Meet diesel technician, Tyler, a foreman at Truck Center Companies. Tyler talks about the variety in his job which includes inspections and management along with repairs. Tyler’s supervisor talks about how focused this diesel tech is, yet he still manages … continue reading

HOS and Your Drivers: What Are They Saying?


Now that the new rules are solidly in place, drivers are feeling the effects…and so are fleet executives. Last month, Transport Topics published an article, “HOS Rules Continue to Hurt Drivers, Execs Say,” that offered excerpts from a panel discussion … continue reading

Manual vs. Automated Manual Transmissions: How Demographics Will Affect the Outcome


Younger drivers and improved fuel efficiency are the two main reasons for the slow but steady growth in orders for Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs). Whether it is being brought about by a shift in the demographics of commercial truck drivers … continue reading

Diesel Diaries: a Video Series – Part 3


Join diesel tech Dave as he describes his experience and how he started working in the industry. See how this “everyday guy” works and lives as you visit his workplace and his home. This 10-part video series, produced by Truck … continue reading

Business Mantra for the Future…Think Fast, Act Faster


Successful companies in the future will be agile, flexible, and willing to embrace change, says futurist Jim Carroll. Many speakers at the 2014 Symposium spoke about connectivity; how we’re all connected by technology and how those connections seem to grow … continue reading

Jane Clark On the Road – March 2014


My March trip didn’t keep me on the road long.  In fact, I was traveling for just over 24 hours.   Jeff Spence, NationaLease Vice President of National Accounts, joined me on a short trip to the City of Fountains—Kansas City. … continue reading

Latest Details on ELD Mandate

Proposal clears the White House Office of Management and Budget. According to industry and regulatory experts, a proposal to mandate electronic logging devices (ELDs) on all heavy trucks will be published April 9. The proposal revises earlier concerns of the … continue reading

Diesel Diaries: a Video Series – Part 2


Join diesel techs Dave, Tyler, Craig, dealer trainer Shawn, and service manager Jason as they talk about the importance of trucking to the overall economy and the importance of diesel technicians to keep those trucks going. This 10-part video series, … continue reading