Trucking’s Big Issues for 2015 – Part 2


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Trucking’s Big Issues for 2015 – Part 1


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Data Plays a Major Part in the Changing Role of CPOs


Big data and technology have changed Procurement’s responsibilities and priorities, so the attitude of “going with your gut;” is being replaced by the reality of “going with the data.” Last year, the Hackett Group published a report discussing how Procurement … continue reading

The U.S. Economy Looks Great for 2015, But What About Everyplace Else?


A Bloomberg Businessweek article suggests tempering optimism with a dose of reality. Gas prices falling daily; retail sales up substantially; auto sales booming…what’s not to celebrate? Well, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek article posted late last year, we’re part of … continue reading

Fuel Price Decrease Isn’t Creating Increase in Demand for U.S. Diesel


A new report from the Fuels Institute discusses the reasons for changes in demand. It might seem to go against logic, but the major decrease in fuel prices isn’t necessarily translating into more diesel being purchased in the U.S. The … continue reading

10 Trends that Will Dominate the Workplace in 2015


Generational change is affecting how companies recruit, retain, and inspire employees. A Forbes magazine article lists the top 10 workplace trends for 2015. Each year, author Dan Schawbel makes his top ten workplace trend predictions for the coming year for … continue reading

Break Down Your Maintenance Team’s Resistance to Change


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Jane Clark On the Road Again – December 2014


First time visitors to New York City often observe that there is so much packed into such a small space. Each block can hold a whole town’s worth of experiences and around every corner you’re likely to find something new. … continue reading