Women in Trucking: An Interview with Linda James


This is the second in a series on women in executive positions in the trucking industry. Last month, we posted the first of our interviews with women who are pioneers in adding diversity to the trucking industry. This month, we … continue reading

More Regulation Means Less Productivity for Trucking Industry


Because of new rules, including HOS, drivers will be spending less time on the road, even though the amount of freight stays the same level as last year. Government regulations in the trucking industry will be forcing many drivers off … continue reading

NationaLease Holds 10th Young Executives Club Meeting


On July 17 and 18 in Indianapolis, IN, the NationaLease Young Executives Club (NYEC) members held their 10th meeting. The NYEC reinforces the relationships between the current and future leaders of NationaLease.  The group took the opportunity to add a unique … continue reading

Proposed FDA Regulations for Carriers: How Big of a Problem?


Carriers still have one week to post comments to the proposed new regulations affecting fleets involved in foodstuff transportation. Back in January of this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a rule that would require certain shippers, … continue reading

Shippers Look to Control Costs and Improve Service with Dedicated Carriage


When the crunch time comes, can you depend on your carrier to be there? That uncertainty is why many shippers are now looking at dedicated contract carriage. In a recent opinion column appearing in a national transportation trade magazine, I … continue reading

Finding Drivers, Keeping Drivers – The Trucking Industry’s Ongoing Dilemma


Another article deals with the always troubling issue of driver shortage. Right before the July 4th holiday, the Detroit Free Press ran an article on the tightening shipping market, and its causes, including the tough winter weather, higher fuel costs, … continue reading

How Top CSCO’s Handle Supply Chain Disruptions


There are specific qualities that make best-in-class Chief Supply Chain Officers stand out. An Aberdeen study discusses those qualities. According to Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” The more complex the situation, the more likely this will … continue reading

Is this the Right Time for You to Replace Older Vehicles?


Freight rates are rising, so now may be the perfect time to make the move, but make sure you do a fleet analysis first. Reports in the trade and business media are repeating the same good news for the trucking … continue reading

Happy Birthday, USA!


Beaches, barbecues, and fabulous fireworks: it’s time to celebrate and have lots of family fun. While you’re enjoying the holiday, show off your Fourth of July knowledge with these fun facts: Although the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July … continue reading

One ‘90’s Action Star, Two 18-Wheelers, Leads to “Epic” Results


The incredible success of Volvo Trucks’ “Epic Split” ad shows how creative marketing can make anything awesome and not break the bank. Every product or service has an important story to tell. You just need to figure out how best … continue reading