4 Ways to Turn Truck Driver Appreciation Week into Truck Driver Retention Week


Treat your drivers well and you may find they repay that appreciation with loyalty. We’ve written, time and again, about the severe shortage of drivers and technicians, and the impact that can have on a company’s growth. In July of … continue reading

Girl Scouts Learn How to “Be Prepared” for a Career in Trucking


The group, Women in Trucking, develops a program that familiarizes girls and young women with a career option they may not have considered…becoming a truck driver. I was delighted when I first heard about an event being jointly planned by … continue reading

Putting the Brakes on Out of Service Violations


Fleets prepare their vehicles for Brake Safety Week, September 7 through 13. As you undoubtedly know, this is Brake Safety Week, which began this past Sunday and continues through Saturday, September 13. During this campaign, commercial vehicle inspectors will conduct … continue reading

Better Economy Translates into More Trucking Needed


Good news for the trucking industry could mean troubling news for shippers. Last month, Transport Topics noted that the Beige Book report, which was issued on July 16 indicated that the economy had modest expansion while the demand for trucking … continue reading

Jane Clark On the Road – August 2014


For most of us who grew up in the United States, the Canadian geography is somewhat misunderstood. As I planned this month’s trip, this misunderstanding became obvious. I was heading to Prince George, British Columbia, which I knew was generally … continue reading

Counterfeit Aftermarket Parts: How to Make Sure You Get What You Pay For


Fake automotive aftermarket parts aren’t acceptable for anyone. Back in January, we posted a piece by Jane Clark, Vice President Member Services, for NationaLease. Titled, “If It Seems Too Good to Be True, It Might Be Counterfeit,” the blog dealt … continue reading

Will the Trucking Industry Discard Diesel for Natural Gas?


Although across-the-board growth of natural gas-powered heavy duty trucks has been slow, the momentum in that direction is steady.  Just how far it goes remains to be seen. A news item in a national transportation trade magazine published more than … continue reading

Freight Demand May Push Legislation to Allow Twin 33-Foot Trailers


The next twenty-five years will see a huge leap in freight demand. Here’s what the largest fleets are doing to prepare for that growth. It’s been widely reported that LTL carrier FedEx Freight is seeking government approval for the use … continue reading

Is Social Media in Your Recruiting Toolbox?


If you still aren’t using social media to recruit and retain drivers, you should read this blog. First published in February of this year, the recommendations are even more relevant today. Facebook…Twitter…Pinterest…LinkedIn. Not so long ago, social networking sites were … continue reading

Highway Trust Fund’s Quick Fix Not the Optimal Answer


Bad roads are bad for business and bad for the country; that’s why Congress needs to find a long-term solution to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent. There are certain issues that have always had broad, bi-partisan support; the Highway … continue reading