Control Maintenance Expenses with the Right Mix of Old and New Units


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Autonomous Trucks: Existing Technology, But What about Technicians?


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Having the “Dedicated” Conversation


2015 is going to be a tight capacity year, so maybe it’s time to look at what your carriers can do to help your business. How “dedicated” to your success are they? Dedicated…I have learned throughout the last few years … continue reading

Change Your Thought Processes, Say Speakers at the AmeriQuest Symposium


Day two speakers focused on “outside the box” thinking and action for companies that want to succeed. Whether you’re talking about coming up with new ideas or developing new strategies to protect your data, the second day of the Symposium … continue reading

Day One of the 2015 AmeriQuest Symposium Focuses on Service, the Economy, and Transportation


Ben Stein and Steve Forbes are just two of the fascinating speakers at the AmeriQuest Business Services event. Each year, AmeriQuest Business Services strives to make its annual Symposium better than the year before. The company continues to do that, … continue reading

Big Data Has Made a Big Difference for Trucking Fleets


Companies are finding that they can optimize their fleet operations by using the data derived from all fleet-related activities, including invoices, vehicle breakdown reports, and more. While there is much to be said about the positive value of the sophisticated … continue reading

The Driver Shortage Just Keeps Getting Worse


A recent Heavy Duty Trucking article goes into great detail to identify the problems behind the ongoing and worsening truck driver shortage. I recently was asked by Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) to comment on the alarming shortage of drivers and … continue reading

Trucking’s Big Issues for 2015 – Part 3


This is the final installment of our 3-part series on the 15 biggest trends impacting the trucking industry now…and in the future. listed its 15 top trends that will impact the trucking industry in 2015 and beyond. We finish … continue reading