Truckers Get the Thumbs Up When it Comes to Safe Driving


When it comes to safety behind the wheel, according to an American Trucking Associations (ATA) survey, truck drivers beat car drivers. A national poll, conducted late last month, measured people’s opinions on a number of issues that are of special significance … continue reading

Better Planning, Better Truck Routes, Better Business


When planning your truck routes, are you really considering all of the variables that can affect your delivery window? The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That fact may be true for geometry; however, it is anything … continue reading

Girl Scouts Learn About Careers in Trucking…and Earn a Badge!


It’s not what’s driving Girl Scouts; it’s what Girl Scouts may be driving! A new event expands career options for young women. There they were, more than 100 Girl Scouts from the Chicago area, ages 6 to 12, all waiting … continue reading

Disruption is on the Move…Is Your Company Ready?


You may think your industry is safe from this phenomenon. Here are 5 trends that should serve as a warning that no business is completely safe. Disruptive innovation…business disruption…you hear or read about these terms constantly: in editorials and articles … continue reading

NationaLease Celebrates 70 Years at the Annual Meeting


NationaLease welcomed a record attendance to Dallas to celebrate their 70th year in Texas style, proclaiming “It’s Bigger, It’s Better, It’s Texas!” Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services, opened the meeting and introduced NationaLease President, Dean Vicha. Mr. Vicha … continue reading

Breakdown Data Gives Fleet Managers Valuable Information


Successful companies are utilizing the data generated during over-the-road events to optimize their fleet operations. The most successful fleets are learning that the data they are collecting can be mined and analyzed in a variety of ways that will help … continue reading

Agility in the Supply Chain Depends on Big Data


In today’s world, Big Data plays a major role in a company’s success, yet only 8% of shippers and 5% of 3PLs say Big Data initiatives have been implemented that involve their supply chains. Research firm Gartner defines Big Data … continue reading

A Better Holiday for Sales Could Mean Bigger Headaches for Shippers


Who could forget Christmas 2013’s shipping debacle? It looks like Christmas 2014 could be worse. Last year, howls of protest could be heard throughout the country as UPS and FedEx missed holiday delivery dates for presents ordered from a wide … continue reading

Trucking Trends Are Out of this World


This infographic from the American Trucking Associations (ATA) shows just how huge a role the trucking industry plays in the American economy. If the infographic isn’t enough to convince you that the economy is dependent, to a great extent, on … continue reading

Flawed CSA Scores Continue to Generate Anger

Hopefully the concern about CSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) scores is now hitting a critical mass as more and more organizations voice their complaints. Every week, additional organizations and people in the trucking industry are letting the government know just … continue reading