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National Connections, Local Ownership

Finding a Good Employee Starts with Creating a Good Job Description

The first step in making sure you’ve got the right person for the right job is making sure you create the right job description.

In a series of IdeaXchange blogs on hiring, Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease, acknowledges that companies are finding it more and more difficult to find good people. Targeted to the trucking industry, Jane makes clear that the difficulty goes well beyond just drivers and technicians.

Her first blog in the series talks about the need to create a job description that accurately represents what the actual job will be. She also notes that there is a difference between the job description and the job posting. The job description is a more internal function where everyone in the organization will agree on what the job duties entail. This can include things like major areas of responsibility, primary objectives, required knowledge and skills, and more.

However, the job posting has to include more than just the specifics. It needs to get noticed by the people you want to attract. As Jane says, “Think of the job posting as a way to display the personality of your business. Your job posting needs to be visually appealing to applicants because studies have shown that job seekers spend about a minute reviewing a job posting before deciding to apply.”

Other suggestions are to make your postage easily searchable online by using the right keywords…and according to Jane, they may not be the words you think. And be sure the posting contains a link to an online application form as well as to your company website.

To find out what the right keywords are and to discover other helpful tips from Jane, read the full blog.

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