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National Connections, Local Ownership

Clark: Are you on the right social media to attract younger talent?

Originally appeared in Fleet Owner

Every fleet leader is trying to find that silver bullet: the recruitment tool that will attract the most qualified drivers and diesel technicians. Job boards and referrals still play an essential role in recruitment, but it’s the role of social media that has exploded. The road to success is to recruit where talent is spending the most time.

With all of the controversy surrounding TikTok, I just decided to Google TikTok and truck fleets and saw there were more than 20 million views of TikTok videos. Though drivers post many of these videos, companies are also using the platform to promote their organizations.

Sprout Social, a software company that helps businesses optimize their use of social media, tracked the use of social media platforms by age demographics and found the following results:

  • 18-29 years: Snapchat (41%), TikTok (35%), Instagram (32%)
  • 30-39 years: LinkedIn (34%), X/Twitter (34%), Snapchat (33%)
  • 40-49 years: LinkedIn (25%), Facebook/22%), X/Twitter (21%)
  • 50-59 years: Facebook (29%), LinkedIn (24%), Pinterest (24%)

What should be most eye-opening to HR professionals and fleet managers is that the younger cohort they need to attract doesn’t list LinkedIn or Facebook in their top three usage list, and Facebook doesn’t even come into play until you hit that 40 – 49-year-old group.

Videos are an important factor in attracting eyes

The above stats shouldn’t really be a surprise. Gen Z and Millennials have grown up using social media, mobile devices, and streaming services. They expect the organizations they work for to use all or some of this technology. Snapchat and Instagram use photos and videos, while TikTok offers videos only. Since Snapchat’s offerings disappear as soon as they are opened, this might not be a good resource for companies seeking to recruit younger talent. However, Instagram and TikTok are where this group spends an inordinate amount of time, making it an ideal place to recruit.

It’s important to remember that recruitment is more than just offering a specific position in the organization. It’s also a way to promote brand awareness as well as your company culture. This matters since the first time a potential worker sees your video, they may not be actively searching for a job. However, your video can plant an image in their mind for future reference.

Consider using your drivers and technicians in these videos. Some may already use these platforms and are considered influencers with recognizable faces and established credibility.

  • Create videos that showcase your technology and tools on the shop floor.
  • Show your newer trucks and tools that make the vehicles not just safer but also more environmentally friendly.
  • Make videos of any events you sponsor or participate in, especially charitable events. Younger workers prefer to work for more socially conscious organizations.

Just because I’ve stressed using video and these specific platforms doesn’t negate the need to continue using sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook. You want to attract as many people as possible in multiple age groups. Though Instagram and TikTok may be where younger people spend the most time, when it comes time to look for work, they will likely use multiple sites, including those most used for job searches.

When recruiting, the secret to success is to use every tool in your social media toolbox.