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National Connections, Local Ownership

The Universal Language of Maintenance and Repair Just Got a New “Phrase”

TMC’s new VMRS Code Key 24 lets fleet and truck owners know exactly the status of each repair for an in-the-shop vehicle.

You need every vehicle in your fleet to be in the best condition possible and, when maintenance or repairs are needed, you need to know how soon that vehicle will be able to get back on the road. Not having that information available puts shippers and carriers at a distinct disadvantage. Sometimes the problem can be a result of excess, late, or misplaced paperwork; sometimes it’s a breakdown in communications. But if everyone is speaking the same language, then fleet owners will be in possession of the information they need to keep their business moving.

Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease discusses this issue in a recent IdeaXchange blog. She discusses how the Technology & Maintenance Council is relying on its new Vehicle Maintenance Repair Standards (VMRS) Code Key 24: Maintenance Status to resolve any issues and inform fleets as to the current status and road readiness of their vehicles.

Jane applauds the fact that VMRS is a “living” language; that changes can be made to code keys based on suggestions if those suggestions are considered appropriate. Code Key 24 was developed expressly to inform truck and fleet owners as to the exact status of maintenance and repair. Within Code Key 24, there are actually 15 sub-codes, including: Code 01: en route to service facility; codes that explain the type of repair needed; codes that describe whether needed components are on backorder; all the way to Code 15: Pickup – Repair at later date (Vehicle operational).

Regardless of your business, and whether you handle maintenance on site or through a service provider, clear communication is vital and VMRS codes make that possible.

For the full list of codes under Code Key 24, read Jane’s full blog.

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