National Connections, Local Ownership
National Connections, Local Ownership

CSA Data Can Help Improve Your Fleet’s Safety Performance

There’s a great deal you can learn from CSA roadside inspections data; how you use it can improve your maintenance and repair operations.

Safety is at the core of the trucking industry, so finding ways to make our vehicles safer is something we should encourage, even if the information comes from CSA violations found during roadside inspections. That’s the advice offered by Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease in her recent IdeaXchange blog.

Jane notes a number of things you can you learn from this data that will help you improve the safety performance of your fleet, including

  • Identification of failure trends of specific components – This will enable you to adjust maintenance schedules as needed.
  • Insight into the performance and ability of your shop personnel and procedures. If you outsource all or part of your maintenance, you will be able to assess that as well – Knowing where the problems lie can assist in setting up training programs to refresh the skills of technicians.
  • Evaluation of product durability – Fleet and shop managers may want to consider a product selection better suited to your needs.
  • A change in PMIs that will have technicians put additional focus on known failure areas – This can lead to the most important result of all…finding potential problems before the vehicle is put on the road, thus preventing breakdowns, and additional violations while ensuring greater safety.

For more detail, read Jane’s full blog.

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