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National Connections, Local Ownership

CVSA International Roadcheck Compliance Is More than Just a Driver’s Responsibility

This is the first CVSA International Roadcheck since the ELD mandate took full effect. What will that mean?

In less than one week, the 2018 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck will take place across the US and Canada. Although this annual event has taken place over a number of years, this is the first roadcheck blitz occurring since the ELD mandate went into full effect. That puts the focus of this year’s roadcheck on hours of service compliance.

Although inspectors will still be doing equipment checks and drivers will still be assessed for substance use, seat belt usage, and driver safety, the main purpose will be to see the driver’s hours of service documentation using the ELD. In a recent IdeaXchange blog, Jane Clark, Vice President of Marketing Services for NationaLease, notes that, during last year’s roadcheck blitz, 32% of drivers were placed out of service due to violations related to hours of service. That was the number one issue leading to the disciplinary action.

Jane makes some important points as to what fleets should be doing.

  • Make sure all vehicles requiring ELD’s are equipped with them – It’s not as though this issue hasn’t been around for a long time, yet many fleets still hadn’t complied, perhaps hoping for a last-minute reprieve. But not equipping your vehicles only hurts your business, your drivers, and ultimately your customers.
  • Reinforce the importance of adhering to hours of service rules – Meet with your drivers and make clear to them how non-compliance could end up being very costly for all involved. Review ELD usage and understanding compliance to regulations.
  • Put responsibility on dispatchers to do their part – This is a very important point that Jane makes. It should be made unmistakably clear to dispatchers that you will not tolerate dispatchers trying to get drivers to go past their legal hours for any reason. That means dispatchers need to keep on top of every driver as they get close to maximum allowable HOS. As Jane says, “Dispatchers need to make sure they review driver hours and only assign drivers to loads when those drivers can make those deliveries observing the rules of the road including speed limits.”

There is still time to do what is necessary to make sure your drivers and/or your vehicles aren’t placed out of service next week.

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