National Connections, Local Ownership
National Connections, Local Ownership

International Roadcheck 2018: Better or Worse than 2017?

Each year, we look at the results of the annual Roadcheck event to see whether our industry, our drivers, and our maintenance teams are making improvements. This year, we have.

Last week, I wrote an IdeaXchange blog about this year’s International Roadcheck which took place this past June 5-7. Of the 67,603 roadside inspections undertaken as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), 11,910 vehicles were found to have out-of-service conditions and 2,666 drivers with out-of-service conditions.

These numbers, though still not as low as we would like (and just a reminder that buses as well as trucks are included in the Roadcheck) are still lower than last year: the out-of-service rate for vehicles subjected to Level 1 inspections was 21.6%, down from 2017’s 23%. This was also the first year that the CVSA focused on Hours of Service violations.

So how can we continue to improve performance and reduce that vehicles on the road are not taken out of service?

Read my IdeaXchange blog, “Roadcheck 2018: We’re doing better, but improvement still needed,” to see four important steps fleets should take.

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