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National Connections, Local Ownership

What’s Your Story? It Could Make a Difference in Recruitment

There was a time when salary, bonus, and benefits would be enough, but for millennials, corporate culture and social responsibility play a major role in whether or not they accept an offer.

With unemployment at a very low level, companies need to do everything they can to hire the best and brightest.  Millennials, who according to the Pew Research Center are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, are looking for more than just money and benefits. They are looking for a company that is a “fit” for the issues that matter to them. Whether it’s a company with a “team” mentality or one that performs a great number of social and charitable acts, it is important to be able to tell you company “story” in a compelling (and honest) way.

In her recent IdeaXchange blog, Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease, offers some suggestions for companies looking to attract younger workers:

Decide what your story really is – Consistency is important. Everyone in the company should be able to relate what matters to the company and why they decide to stay. To do this, Jane relates how one company, Lawson Products (a NationaLease supplier) interviewed their employees to discover what attracted job and what they find fulfilling about their role in the company.

Create the compelling story – Once you’ve gathered the information you need, find the common threads that tie them all together. That’s your story. Make sure you emphasize the differentiators that make your company a place people want to be.

Optimize your use of social media – Face it, this is how millennials communicate. But not every site will be equally effective. You’ll need to try the biggest ones…Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Some will work, some will not.

Make one employee your social “ambassador” – One person on your staff should be responsible for posting stories, comments, company events, etc. on the sites. You may want to test how often and what days and times garner the best response.

Make your postings interesting – Jane offers a wide list of potential things to post, including photos of an employee appreciation event, company news, awards the company has received, and, of course, notice of any jobs you are looking to fill. Photos, videos, and links are important.

When it comes to social media, photos, videos, and links are important, but you need to figure out how best and where to tell your story.

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