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National Connections, Local Ownership

Announcing Winners of the 2019 NationaLease Tech Challenge

For far too many fleets, one of the biggest challenges is finding qualified technicians. That is why, when you have a great team, you want to hold on to each and every one of them.

NationaLease knows the value of our technicians; recognizes how important they are to the success of the fleet and of the business overall. We also understand how that technology is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. For businesses to compete, it is vital for technicians to keep up with all of these changes without losing sight of the necessities of everyday maintenance.

Each year, we give our technicians the opportunity to display their knowledge and technical expertise during the NationaLease Tech Challenge. This is our ninth consecutive year for this competition. Besides being awarded great prizes, winners go on to represent NationaLease at the TMC Super Tech. The competition also gives bragging rights to both the techs and the companies they work for.

Here’s how it works

Technicians from NationaLease’s nine regions are encouraged to compete in the Challenge, which is a three-step process. Step #1 is the written exam, which took place in mid-March and which tests the technicians’ knowledge. Nine winners (one from each region) of this step in the competition then go on to Step #2 – the Hands-On Competition. Technicians in this challenge have a chance to exhibit their exceptional skills in a variety of hands-on tasks. Step #2 took place May 7 at the Universal Technical Institute in Lisle.

This year, we had an exceptional turnout for Step #1, with a record 276 technicians participating in this written, online event. Each regional winner received prizes valued at over $650. We are extremely appreciative that our supplier partners contribute generously to the prizes awarded to both the Regional and Top Tech winners

Following the Tech Challenge on May 7 was this year’s NationaLease Maintenance Managers Meeting, where the following nine Regional winners were recognized:,

  • Jason Stiles – VEL NationaLease
  • Timothy Lapan – Ballard Truck Leasing, a NationaLease Member
  • Cody Rakowski – Aim NationaLease
  • Brian Peters – Salem NationaLease
  • Brandon Lynn – Aim NationaLease
  • Chris Haughee – Aim NationaLease
  • Nathan Olson – GATR NationaLease
  • Rick Davis – Hogan Truck Leasing, a NationaLease Member
  • Sam Hawkins – Schow’s NationaLease
From left to right: Dean Vicha, President of NationaLease, Brian Peters, Salem NationaLease, Rick Davis, Hogan Truck Leasing Inc., a NationaLease Member, Sam Hawkins, Schow’s NationaLease, and Joe Puff, Vice President of Technology and Maintenance of NationaLease

Three winners were chosen after the completion of Step #2 (the Top Tech and two runners-up) who will, as I noted earlier, go on to represent NationaLease at the TMC SuperTech. These winners received additional prizes. The 2nd runner up received additional prizes valued at over $1,400; the 1st runner up received additional prizes valued at over $2,700; and our Top Tech received additional prizes valued at over $4,000. Those three winners are:

  • 2nd Runner Up – Sam Hawkins, Schow’s NationaLease
  • 1st Runner Up – Brian Peters, Salem NationaLease
  • Top Tech – Rick Davis, Hogan Truck Leasing, a NationaLease Member

We at NationaLease are so pleased that we are able to offer this kind of recognition to our valued technicians. Not every company has the resources for this kind of competition; however, I urge every company that has a fleet, regardless of size, to offer acknowledgement and thanks to these very important employees.

And, of course, we want to thank all those who participated in this event and congratulate all of our Regional and Top Tech winners. You really are the best of the best.

Good luck at the TMC SuperTech!

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